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GWST, is a registered trademark (trademark registration number 4.004.169), according to the provisions of the current Law 17/2001, of December 7, on trademarks, before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, dated September 4, 2019.

This mark is included in class 09 (recorded or downloadable media, software, existing digital or analog recording and storage media, computer applications).

GWST is not a company, legally incorporated, its sole objective is to help and advise any person or organization, without receiving anything in return, other than your gratitude and satisfaction for the help received (without accepting any financial compensation in return).

We will publish (without any restrictions) on platforms like GitHub, our projects exposed (in this blog), with the hope that if we cannot carry them out, someone (with the appropriate resources) can.

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The owner of the brand and the site is:

  • Name: da Silva Jarque, Daniel
  • Age: 58
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  • IT for: 36 years
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Working methodology

Our working method is the Lean Startup (although we are not a company), which is based on the following steps:

  • Hypothesis: Possible solution of 1 problem or need of 1 person organization (although, we will not charge you anything). In this phase, we will use surveys, tests, or interviews.
  • Validation: Through a free Minimum Viable Product (PMV), we obtain an assessment of the hypothesis.
  • Measure: Through KPI, we find out if we meet the objectives we are proposing.
  • Learning: We assess whether we continue with our initiative, pivot, or give up.
  • Debugging: We repeat the complete cycle (with our PMV), to detect all the still unknown errors, through stakeholders (interested in the project) or early adopters (people or organizations that have tested our PMV).
  • Public and free dissemination: When the PMV is a validated, Viable Product, we will be ready to offer our solution for free to everyone.


Democratization of I.T. through our Value Proposition:

  • Communication: inside (cooperation) and outside (collaboration) the organization.
  • Simplicity: In building the product or service, enterprise applications often want to (never can), phagocytize business applications. We do not create a central monster (ad-hoc) that accumulates all business intelligence, but small intelligent modules that facilitate cooperation and collaboration.
  • Scalability: an extremely simple (almost atomic) modular structure is more scalable than a complex one.


We want to change the world, helping you find, optimally, your solutions through our value proposition:

  1. If everything is information, then an organization is the information it generates and manipulates. To know the information is to know the organization and its environment and, given this, to be able to act appropriately.
  2. Internal cooperation to do now, what is necessary and optimally.
  3. External collaboration to find synergies, with others (same, similar, or related). Unity of purpose makes strength.


We believe that paradigm changes will be essential in the economy of the future, necessarily accompanied by enormous social responsibility and transparency.

GWST wants to help, with open source and open projects, everyone who suffers from the problems generated by The New Reality.

In memory of my mother

I dedicate this blog to the memory of my mother, who died of COVID-19 on January 19, 2021, at the age of 79.